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Senior Full Stack developer wanted!

Who are we?

JackFinder is a startup founded in 2017 and located in Maria 01 startup campus. We’re currently two guy team and a bunch of advisors and investors supporting us. We both Akseli and Heikki are engineers (our soft spot is weird old cars) and a bit nerdy, but you don’t have to be. It might help, though. We cherish open company culture, shitty taxidermy, flat organizations, flying airplanes, AI and hands-on problem solving attitude.

What we do?

We are building "" for car services to help garages get new customers with automatic quotes. Consumers receive a transparent and real-time platform where they can find trusted garages who treat them well. With our service, garages can focus on their key selling point; excellent customer service.

The vehicle aftermarket service offerings are outdated and that needs to change. Even though we are closely working with garages, our service is aimed to make the life of every vehicle owner easier regardless they drive ICE, hybrid or electric vehicle. We think the car maintenance should be as easy to buy as anything else from web, fully digitally, without worries of lacking trust to service provider and without any delay.

We’re heading for British market (London) first and other big European markets (Spain, France, Germany) will follow soon enough. We expect you are fluent speaker of at least English; Finnish, Spanish, French and German skills are a nice bonus.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for a senior full stack web developer. A perfect candidate would be a generalist; able to tackle problems quickly (sometimes dirty) and acquiring new technologies when needed. Our product is a web app, with mobile first approach. Skills and experience in building a scalable production-ready web app, especially with Amazon AWS, are highly appreciated. We have not fixed tools and languages for our product, but we have used C#, Java and JavaScript in development so far.

We have a proof of concept application done and clear targets for further development. However, as we are in early phase of development, you have the opportunity to choose how to get there and which tools to use. We will partly outsource our development work and Heikki is the product owner. You will be working closely with him and outsourced team in developing and later maintaining our product. We don’t deny it; the work will be probably a constant low-key chaos. We don’t mean to just mess up, but due to early phase of development, the product will probably develop a lot during the process. Our working mode is lean startup. We like to prototype and test our ideas all the time as early as possible. If you have a portfolio, some other references or you have already developed a web app, we’ll be glad to see it.

The team you are working with will be multinational and we expect you to be open minded and have good communication skills in speech and in text.

What we offer?

We offer you a full-time paid job in flexible working environment, which includes remote working and flexible schedule for working hours if you desire. We’re looking for key person. In other words, gaining ownership of JackFinder through a vesting program is an option, if you prove to be a good match for JackFinder’s future. Of course, we also want to hear your thoughts about your salary. And finally being a member of our team, you will be exposed to startup culture and some pöhinä at Maria01 which is the n:o1 startup hub of the Scandinavia.

Contact us:

Heikki Laaki + 358 40 504 0683

Akseli Mylläri + 358 50 376 3846

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